Software and Systems Engineering

In Liveware Software Engineering S.A. We understand that software engineering is a program of technological improvements, aimed to accompany the organization in achieving its business objectives.

Developments that have taken the software development activities required to have highly trained personnel, tools and best practices, optimizing the performance of the available assets in the organization. Transform a handicraft development process based on one software engineering practices, can produce higher quality products, under controlled and predictable projects. Repeatable processes reinforce the quality of products, ensuring the best use of technology, minimize the stress of work and, consequently, improve time-to-market.

Thus we urge good engineering practices based on models promoted by prestigious institutions concerning the industry, such as Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

To ensure success in our projects, adapt and implement traditional methods (UP & RUP) and agile (SCRUM, Agile & Xtreme Programming) and / or focused on architecture (implementing specific techniques such as Quality Attribute Workshops (QAW) Attribute Driven Design ( ADD) and Architecture Trade off Analysis Method (ATAM)), among others.

Potential benefits

• Alignment of projects to organizational goals.
• Ensuring good use of technology to provide scalability, flexibility, availability and interoperability.
• Improvements in assuring the quality and timeliness of projects (predictability) resulting in lower costs.

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