Knowledge Management: Training and E-learning

Currently, human resources are one of the main pillars on which rests the success of any business in the information age. So that knowledge is a key asset when it comes to undertaking new projects or strengthen the know-how on current.
Training thus becomes the vehicle to realize the development of the team and a differentiating factor in any organization.

Training is development. Training is innovation.

Our training programs are made based on the experience and knowledge gained during more than 30 years of experience in the computer industry, where beyond the academic content, the goal is to generate a transfer of knowledge that fosters the ability to improve quality in the use of technology and processes within organizations, adding value through practical and real adherence approach to business.

Our offer includes mainly:

  •  Training “in-company”: workshops and ad-hoc workshops; enriched with real experience and practical business cases.
  • Platform for dissemination of knowledge and organizational communication: a modern tool of “e-learning” that facilitates the acquisition of knowledge to all organizational resources (courses or proprietary customer activities or developed ad-hoc) and management at low cost individually, primarily they developed for companies with large numbers of users in different physical locations.
  •  Integrated functions of generation, implementation and monitoring of organizational training plans, coaching & mentoring activities on topics and / or specific roles associated with the development of skills and capacities.
  •  Certification exams with international recognition as leading organizations SPARX Systems® (creator of recognized product Enterprise Architect®) and VMEdu® (international entity training and professional certification) have selected us as ATP – Authorized Training Providers for Argentina.More information or questions, feel free to contact: