Consultancy, Quality Control and Assurance

If compliance with regulations and meeting audit (internal or external) require evidence to show activity in practice are not made; if purchased First Class expensive tools to support the processes but fail to implement efficiently; if the activity requires maintaining a quality certification or accreditation; if you are claiming your area systems is expensive and does not give the business the service you need; if you still believe that the processes help you improve the delivery but are tired of failed experiences … then he came to the right place.

Since Liveware Software Engineering S.A. We help your organization in all these aspects:

• Working with models and best practices that best suit your business (ISO, CMMi, ITIL, etc.).

• Developing Process Improvements specific or comprehensive improvement projects.

• Helping these processes are effectively used for resources and that, fundamentally, they are useful to their practices.

• Collaborating in the definition of a catalog of IT services area.

• Creating management indicators that really bring benefits and useful to manage the area.

• Introducing specific for each of the issues, based on our over 30 years experience in the computer market solutions.

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