Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to create, deploy, and manage applications across Microsoft’s global data Center network. Integrated tools, DevOps and a marketplace help you to effectively create anything from simple mobile applications to Internet-oriented solutions.

Resultado de imagen para azure pngWhat can I do with Azure?

Through Microsoft Azure Liveware Ingeniería de Software S.A. can help you with projects of consultancy, migration of infrastructure and applications in the cloud.

We can also help you in the development of new projects, for example:
  • Managed transitions between on-Prem and cloud infrastructure
  • Installation of private cloud on-Prem through Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Computational infrastructure 100% in the cloud
  • Systems of high availability by means of hybrid clouds or active/active against the cloud.
  • Web Applications
  • Enterprise SaaS applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data storage
  • Backup and archiving
  • Hybrid Integration
  • Microservice applications
  • Cloud backend for mobile applications
  • Internet of things in the cloud
  • Machine Learning about Azure
  • Big Data about Azure