Alejandro Bianchi, President of Liveware ISSA presents a reflection on the impact of this technology in the field of business, highlighting the revolution, contribution and development that has generated in the area of marketing and sales. Among the main challenges that professionals must face, it is worth highlighting the understanding of the need for Artificial intelligence to make the business more competitive and profitable in a market in constant innovation and change.

The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing has been one of the first experiences where this technology has shown significant benefits. From learning machines to develop product recommendations engines, e-commerce sites where when buying a product, immediately tell us who bought the selected, also bought others from similar characteristics, going through advertising directed according to the characteristics of people navigating different internet sites or smart advisors who dialogue with a customer to help them decide a purchase or clarify the characteristics of a particular product.

This technology will generate major changes in the everyday life of people and companies in general, allowing routine and/or high-risk tasks to be assumed by machines letting people develop other activities. Ai’s objectives have always been to make a machine develop the same activities as a human being, only in a more precise way, faster and without the basic needs of a person (to rest, to have time for family and leisure, to feel satisfied with his work and to achieve his livelihood), achieving substantial improvements in productivity, quality of products/services, a Significant reduction in operational costs and thus increased profitability for companies.

Particularly in marketing, IA’s possibilities are endless, today certain articles or advertisements that are presented to us in our favorite shopping sites are written by a machine based on natural language processing. Deepening consumer behavior Analysis Consumer behavior, understanding the mood of a particular target segment to know what type of product or service can improve your experience or have an intelligent and fast way to segment the market are some of the challenges that Artificial intelligence will help to enhance the marketing and marketing areas of organizations.

In Argentina and Latin America the adoption by the marketing areas of this type of technology, is in different stages, some in the stage of understanding the need for Artificial intelligence to be more competitive in a market in Constant innovation and change, others in the experimentation stage from pilot projects and others are already with concrete implementations.

En algunas ocasiones la falta de impulso a adoptar esta tecnología se debe a la confusión acerca de lo que significa IA y las tecnologías relacionadas. Es así como será oportuno que los profesionales de esta área comprendan este aporte como un valor, con el objetivo de tornar a la empresa más competitiva.

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