The company specializing in Software engineering and systems with more than 30 years of experience in the market, announces a new certification in its quality system based on the international ISO standards of the 9001 series. This standard received a last update in 2015, and brought very important changes in the quality Management systems (SGC) of the companies that adopt it, compared to the previous version of 2008, since it has incorporated risk management, focusing on planning and leadership, with great process-and business-based focus.

“Quality” is a differential trait that identifies the company, not only for the achievement of this new certification, but also for the recognition it obtains from its peers: in 2017 during the framework of the Sadosky awards made by the CESSI, Liveware received the ” Special mention of quality in the Software industry. ” It was the first year that this mention was incorporated, with the aim of recognizing those companies that stand out for their performance in aspects such as the management of Its processes, resources and discipline in the follow-up, measurement, analysis and review of its results in pursuit of improvement and innovation.

“After many months of effort in the migration tasks of the ISO 9001, we obtained this achievement thanks to the support of all of us who are part of the company. As we always mention, one of the fundamental characteristics that distinguishes us is the high added value that we produce and turn into each of our activities and services. This aggregate is built having solid pillars, being one of them the concept of ´ quality ´ immersed in each task carried out and, as can be verified, has also been valued and recognized by our own industry with the prize Sadosky 2017, “says Alejandro Bianchi, president of Liveware.

The quality of the processes influences the quality of the products and services offered to each client, and this makes the software and IT services industry of Argentina are valued and have their differential, both in the local market and abroad.

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